1st EK of Volos

Brief history of 1st EK of Volos

1st EK of Volos has always relied on its people

The laboratories were built for the Polykladiko Lykeio of Volos and first operated in 1980. During the operation of Polykladiko Lykeio, in 1986, 1st SEK of Volos (as it was named at the time) was founded, with Mr. Dimosthenis Kolovos as headmaster. During those first years, the teachers worked really hard for the supply, installation and operation of the necessary equipment.

Headmasters of the 1st EK of Volos

  • Dimosthenis Kolovos(1986-1990)
  • Georgios Skretas(1990-1996)
  • Georgios Aggelopoulos(1996-2007)
  • Georgios Filippou(2007-2011)
  • Agapoula Koutsokosta(2011-2013)
  • Ioannis Tsokanakis(2013-)

The people

1st EK of Volos' personnel is currently the following:


  • Headmaster - Ioannis Tsokanakis
  • Deputy Headmaster - Dimitrios Papanastasiou

Sector Coordinators

  • Agriculture, Food Technology and Nutrition
    Dimitrios Geladaris
  • Electrology, Electronics & Automation/ Electology Sector
    Nikolaos Tsompanoglou
  • Electrology, Electronics & Automation/ Electonics Sector
    Konstantinos Amygdalitsis
  • Naval, Captains & Engineers
    Dimitrios Parisis
  • Informatics, Agriculture, Food Technology and Nutrition, EPAL Agrias
    Dimitrios Tsilogiannis
  • Informatics, 1st & 2nd EPAL of Volos, Management and Economy
    Nikolaos Vassilopoulos
  • Informatics, 2nd EPAL of Nea Ionia
    Athena Kotrolia
  • Health and Welfare
    Kallia Stavrakaki