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1ο ΣΕΚ ΕΚ Βόλου

The goal of 1st EK of Volos is to implement the laboratory classes of the five schools it supports. Its laboratories are located in the respective schools, but their fine operation is 1st EK's responsibility.
A fundamental part of this effort is based on our 30Kw photovoltaic park, which was built during the time Mr. George Philippou was the headmaster. The income brought by this park allows for the maintenance and upgrade of our laboratories.
We constantly try to participate in European Programmes. We consider this experience invaluable for both our students and teachers.


  • 11December
    Our school is participating in an European program


    The 1st EK of Volos is participating in the Erasmus+ European Program entitled "Interdisciplinary Intelligent Passive House Design - Ways to Save Energy and Reduce Pollution"

    The program is implemented by three schools:

    1. The Polish Zespół Szkół Technicznych w Kartuzach, a group of vocational schools
    2. The German BBS Bersenbrueck in Germany, a modern school with well-equipped workshops for construction, electrical engineering, mechatronics, electronics)
    3. The Greek 1st EK of Volos

    The purpose of the project is the use of the educational process aiming to design the home of the future, which will be a passive building that uses up to 90% less energy for heating, cooling and electricity.

    The operation of Passive Buildings has reduced cost requirements, while their construction costs are surprisingly affordable. In addition, this investment in energy saving is much cheaper and more efficient in the long term.

    The program includes 18 students and 20 teachers of the 1st EK of Volos, a quite experienced school in managing its own photovoltaic park and focuses on renewable energy, construction, and automation programs.

  • 23January
    1st EK teachers visit German and Dutch schools


    Eight teachers from 2nd EPAL of Nea Ionia and 1st EPAL of Volos travelled to Osnabrück area in Germany, from 15/1/2015 to 22/1/2015. They visited schools in Germany and Holland to discuss issues of common interest with teachers and students and learn more about vocational education in the two countries.

  • 19thJune
    Another new Laboratory!


    1st EPAL of Volos now has a brand new computer laboratory. This purchase was funded by 1st EK of Volos, and is a major upgrade to its infrastructure.

  • 15thMay
    New Computer Laboratory


    We just bought a new computer laboratory, which will soon be operating in the building of the 1st EK of Volos. In the coming school year, laboratory classes of the 2nd EPAL of Nea Ionia will be held here.

  • 25thApril
    Alarm system now provides full coverage.


    Our alarm system now covers the roof as well. This project was carried out by teachers and students of our school.

Supported schools

1st EPAL of Volos

  1. Applied Arts
  2. Informatics
  3. Management & Economy

1st IEK of Volos

  1. Informatics Applications Technician (Multimedia/Web Designer – Developer/ Video Games)
  2. Hairstyling Technician
  3. Physiotherapy Assistant
  4. Pharmacy Assistant

2nd EPAL of Volos

  1. Informatics
  2. Management & Economy

2nd EPAL of Nea Ionia

  1. Electrology, Electronics & Automation
  2. Engineers (Naval)
  3. Informatics
  4. Captain (Naval)

3rd EPAL of Volos

  1. Agriculture, Food and Environment
  2. Health - Welfare
  3. Environment and Natural Resources

EPAL of Agria

  1. Agriculture, Food and Environment
  2. Informatics
  3. Management & Economy

European Programmes Participations

Comenius 2008-2010

  1. Turkey, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece

Leonardo for Teachers 2010

  1. Poland

Leonardo for Students 2011

  1. Spain

Comenius 2012-2014

  1. Germany, Turkey, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Greece

Leonardo for Students 2013

  1. Germany

Erasmus+ for Teachers 2015

  1. Germany, Spain